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Optoelectronics Postdoc and Laboratory Manager

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Optoelectronics Postdoc and Laboratory Manager          P2029 2 year position, full-time (temporary) Anticipated Start Date: Summer 2014

Please submit a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, a statement of research experience, two letters of reference, and copies of journal publications to:

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Senior Theses (2014)

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Dalton Bolger ’14
KAPAO Prime: Construction, Calibration, and Integration of the Pomona College Facility Adaptive Optics Instrument
Faculty Advisor: Philip Choi

Claire Dickey ’14
The Low-Mass Luminosity Function in Globular Clusters
Faculty Advisor: Philip Choi

Meredith Durbin ’14
The Mid-Infrared RR Lyrae Period-Luminosity Relation
Faculty Advisor: Alma Zook

Zachary Glassman ’14
High Resolution Spectroscopy and Isotope Invariant Analysis of Diatomic Molecules
Faculty Advisor: Richard Mawhorter

Dulcie Head ’14
Modeling Diffusion in Amorphous Thin Film Tantala and Amorphous Thin Film Fused Silica
Faculty Advisor: Alma Zook

Annie Hedlund ’14
High-Mass Stars in NGC 6822: The Ultraviolet as a Tool for Identification
Faculty Advisor: Bryan Penprase

Benjamin Hoober-Burkhardt ’14
The Use of Gamification to Teach the Cosmic Distance Ladder
Faculty Advisor: Bryan Penprase

Mira Howard ’14
The Pianist’s Touch: An Investigation into the Scientific Veracity of the Pianist’s Touch
Faculty Advisor: Alma Zook

Joseph Long ’14
Seeing Clearly with KAPAO: Measuring Performance with Data Analysis Tools for Adaptive Optics
Faculty Advisor: Philip Choi

Charles Owens ’14
An Analysis on the Degradation of Organic Photovoltaic Cells
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Eric Puma ’14
An Overview of CVD Graphene Growth, Characterization, and Transfer
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Emily Yang ’14
Fabrication, Characterization, and Stability of Inverted P3HT:PCBM Organic Photovoltaics
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

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