Senior Theses (2007)

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Anand Murugan ’07
Fuzzy Blackholes
Faculty Advisor: Vatche Sahakian (HMC)

Rachel Paterno-Mahler ‘07
Determining the AGN Fraction of Galaxy Groups
Faculty Advisor: Philip Choi & John Mulchaey (OCIW)

Ajoy Vase ’07
The Effects of Material Treatments on the Surface Properties of Polymeric Biomaterials
Faculty Advisors: Elizabeth Orwin and David Tanenbaum

C. L. Wainwright ‘07
The Effects of Spin-Orbit Coupling on Gravitational Wave Uncertainties
Faculty Advisor: T. A. Moore

Gordon Whyburn ‘07
A Simple Organic Solar Cell
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Brett T. Close ‘07
Solar Energy Research and Development in California
Faculty Advisors: David Tanenbaum and David Menefee-Libey