Senior Theses (2013)

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Daniel Contreras ’13
KAPAO: Design and Assembly of the Wavefront Sensorfor an Adaptive Optics Instrument
Faculty Advisor: Philip Choi

Carolyn Cross ’13
Slinging Spinning Seed Substitutes: An investigation into the explosive seed dispersal of the Acanthaceae
Faculty Advisor: Dwight Whitaker

Gretta Ferguson ’13
An Outdoor Assessment of Organic Solar Cell Performance
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Rylan Grady ’13
Tidal Deformations of Sea Ice in Shallow Arctic Regions
Faculty Advisors: Alma Zook and Aleksey Marchenko (UNIS)

Kevin Ludlum ’13
Optimizing Flywheel Design for use as a Kinetic Energy Recovery System for a Bicycle
Faculty Advisor: Alfred Kwok

Lorcan McGonigle ’13
KAPAO: Design and Simulation of the Static Optical and Mechanical Systems
Faculty Advisor: Philip Choi

Colin Mitchell ’13
Measuring the Air Speed in a Wind Tunnel
Faculty Advisor: Alma Zook

Benjamin Murphy ’13
Investigations Into Anomalous Spectroscopic Effects in GE124 and Recommendations for Alternative Materials
Faculty Advisor: Alfred Kwok

Jonathan Raiman ’13
Wireless Electricity and Impedance Matching
Faculty Advisor: Gregory Ogin

Sam Whitehead ’13
A Computational Analysis of Inertial ParticleTransport from Peat Moss Vortex Rings
Faculty Advosor: Dwight Whitaker