Senior Theses (2012)

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Maira Amezcua ’12
Quantum Optics
Faculty Advisor: Alfred Kwok

Emily Chang ’12
A Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of the Spore Dispersal of Sphagnum Moss
Faculty Advisor: Dwight Whitaker

Eric Dodds ’12
Progress Toward BEC Through Optimization and Measurement of a Compressed Magneto-Optical Trap
Faculty Advisor: Dwight Whitaker

Xinyi Guo ’12
Applications of Gravitational Microlensing
Faculty Advisor: Ann Esin (HMC)

Matthew W. Hasling ’12
An Investigation into Graphene Growth and Transfer Methods
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Zack Lasner ’12
Toward BEC’s, the Bee’s Knees:  A Computational Investigation of Non-ergodic Evaporative Cooling
Faculty Advisor: Dwight Whitaker

Will Morrison ’12
Building KAPAO-Alpha: A Prototype Adaptive Optics Instrument for Pomona College’s 1-meter Telescope at Table Mountain Observatory
Faculty Advisor: Philip Choi

Leonardo Rosetti ’12
The Designing, Building and Testing of an Azimuth-Altitude Dual Axis Solar Tracker
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Catherine Wilka ’12
Analysis of Low-Metalicity Damped Lyman Alpha Systems Using Quasar Absorption Line Spectroscopy
Faculty Advisor: Bryan Penprase

Senior Theses (2011)

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Alexander L. Baum ’11
High Resolution Rotational Spectroscopy Study of the Zeeman Effect in the 2Π½ Molecule PbF (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Richard Mawhorter

A. B. Boyd ’11
Antimatter Annihilation in the Early Universe (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: T. A. Moore

Jenna deBoisblanc ’11
Synthesis and Characterization of P3HT:PCBM Organic Solar Cells (pdf)
Faculty Advisors: David Tanenbaum and Alma Zook

Amanda Ghassaei ’11
The Design and Optimization of a Crank-Based Leg Mechanism (pdf)
Faculty Advisors: Phil Choi and Dwight Whitaker

Devin Matthews ’11
Quiet Cooling for the OBVA High Resolution Flight Simulator (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Alfred Kwok

Benjamin Pollard ’11
Growing Graphene via Chemical Vapor Deposition (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Alexander Rudy ‘11
Advancing Adaptive Optics for the KAPAO Instrument (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Philip Choi

Joel Shuman ’11
Optimizing and measuring properties of a magneto-optical trap in a dilute rubidium-87 gas (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Dwight Whitaker

Senior Theses (2009)

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Daniel Beeler ’09
Survey of Extended Lyman-_ Emission Near z > 3 Radio-quiet Quasars (pdf)
Faculty Advisors: Bryan E. Penprase and Michael Rauch (OCIW)

Scott Berkley ‘09
The Fabrication and Characterization of Organic Solar Cells (pdf)
Addendum (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Caroline Fernandez ‘09
Designing a Dome-Flat Screen and Projector for the Table Mountain Observatory (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Alma Zook

Kevin Kelley ‘09
Construction of a Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscope to Study Lipid Domain Composition via Raman Spectral Imaging (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Alfred Kwok

Daniel Sedlacek ‘09
Aerogel Synthesis and Application (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

James Wendt ‘09
Computer Generated Holography (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Alma Zook

Alex Zylstra ‘09
Improving atom trapping and evaporative cooling in a Bose-Einstein condensation experiment through laser power stabilization (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Dwight Whitaker

Senior Theses (2008)

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Lua Del Campo ‘08
The Biomechanics of Ballistochory in Impatiens pallid (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Dwight Whitaker

Ian Frank ‘08
Shaping Graphene An Alternative Approach (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Bryant Foresman ‘08
Acoustical Measurement of the Human Vocal Tract: Quantifying Speech & Throat-Singing (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Alma Zook

Gordy Stecklein ‘08
Bridging the Gender Gap in Quantum Physics (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Moore

Kristen Petrillo ‘08
A Study of Interacting and Companion Galaxies: Implications for Cosmology
Faculty Advisor(s): Philip Choi & Barry Madore (OCIW)

Erica Nelson ‘08
H I Line Profiles of Galaxies: Tilted Ring Models (pdf)
Faculty Advisor(s): Philip Choi & Barry Madore (OCIW)

Senior Theses (2007)

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Anand Murugan ’07
Fuzzy Blackholes
Faculty Advisor: Vatche Sahakian (HMC)

Rachel Paterno-Mahler ‘07
Determining the AGN Fraction of Galaxy Groups
Faculty Advisor: Philip Choi & John Mulchaey (OCIW)

Ajoy Vase ’07
The Effects of Material Treatments on the Surface Properties of Polymeric Biomaterials
Faculty Advisors: Elizabeth Orwin and David Tanenbaum

C. L. Wainwright ‘07
The Effects of Spin-Orbit Coupling on Gravitational Wave Uncertainties
Faculty Advisor: T. A. Moore

Gordon Whyburn ‘07
A Simple Organic Solar Cell
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Brett T. Close ‘07
Solar Energy Research and Development in California
Faculty Advisors: David Tanenbaum and David Menefee-Libey