Congratulations Emily Yang! – Fulbright Recipient

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Emily Yang, a physics major and environmental analysis minor, from Arcadia, Calif., will
head to Landau, Germany, to study the interplay between climate change and
greenhouse gas emissions from small rivers and streams, with Dr. Andreas Lorke
of the Environmental Physics Department at the Landau campus of
the University of Koblenz-Landau. Her future plans include the possibility
of graduate school in engineering, physics or earth sciences

Senior Theses (2013)

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Daniel Contreras ’13
KAPAO: Design and Assembly of the Wavefront Sensorfor an Adaptive Optics Instrument
Faculty Advisor: Philip Choi

Carolyn Cross ’13
Slinging Spinning Seed Substitutes: An investigation into the explosive seed dispersal of the Acanthaceae
Faculty Advisor: Dwight Whitaker

Gretta Ferguson ’13
An Outdoor Assessment of Organic Solar Cell Performance
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Rylan Grady ’13
Tidal Deformations of Sea Ice in Shallow Arctic Regions
Faculty Advisors: Alma Zook and Aleksey Marchenko (UNIS)

Kevin Ludlum ’13
Optimizing Flywheel Design for use as a Kinetic Energy Recovery System for a Bicycle
Faculty Advisor: Alfred Kwok

Lorcan McGonigle ’13
KAPAO: Design and Simulation of the Static Optical and Mechanical Systems
Faculty Advisor: Philip Choi

Colin Mitchell ’13
Measuring the Air Speed in a Wind Tunnel
Faculty Advisor: Alma Zook

Benjamin Murphy ’13
Investigations Into Anomalous Spectroscopic Effects in GE124 and Recommendations for Alternative Materials
Faculty Advisor: Alfred Kwok

Jonathan Raiman ’13
Wireless Electricity and Impedance Matching
Faculty Advisor: Gregory Ogin

Sam Whitehead ’13
A Computational Analysis of Inertial ParticleTransport from Peat Moss Vortex Rings
Faculty Advosor: Dwight Whitaker

Colloquium: Student Summer Research

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This Thursday, September 11, 2012, five of our physics and astronomy students are presenting about their summer research. The event will begin with refreshments at 4:15 pm and continue with brief presentations by five students from 4:30-5:30 pm. Daniel Contreras ’13, Samuel Whitehead ’13, Carolyn Cross ’13, Rylan Grady ’13, and Claire Dickey ’12 will be presenting on the research they did this summer through SURP and other summer research programs.

Senior Theses (2012)

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Maira Amezcua ’12
Quantum Optics
Faculty Advisor: Alfred Kwok

Emily Chang ’12
A Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of the Spore Dispersal of Sphagnum Moss
Faculty Advisor: Dwight Whitaker

Eric Dodds ’12
Progress Toward BEC Through Optimization and Measurement of a Compressed Magneto-Optical Trap
Faculty Advisor: Dwight Whitaker

Xinyi Guo ’12
Applications of Gravitational Microlensing
Faculty Advisor: Ann Esin (HMC)

Matthew W. Hasling ’12
An Investigation into Graphene Growth and Transfer Methods
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Zack Lasner ’12
Toward BEC’s, the Bee’s Knees:  A Computational Investigation of Non-ergodic Evaporative Cooling
Faculty Advisor: Dwight Whitaker

Will Morrison ’12
Building KAPAO-Alpha: A Prototype Adaptive Optics Instrument for Pomona College’s 1-meter Telescope at Table Mountain Observatory
Faculty Advisor: Philip Choi

Leonardo Rosetti ’12
The Designing, Building and Testing of an Azimuth-Altitude Dual Axis Solar Tracker
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Catherine Wilka ’12
Analysis of Low-Metalicity Damped Lyman Alpha Systems Using Quasar Absorption Line Spectroscopy
Faculty Advisor: Bryan Penprase

Senior Theses (2011)

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Alexander L. Baum ’11
High Resolution Rotational Spectroscopy Study of the Zeeman Effect in the 2Π½ Molecule PbF (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Richard Mawhorter

A. B. Boyd ’11
Antimatter Annihilation in the Early Universe (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: T. A. Moore

Jenna deBoisblanc ’11
Synthesis and Characterization of P3HT:PCBM Organic Solar Cells (pdf)
Faculty Advisors: David Tanenbaum and Alma Zook

Amanda Ghassaei ’11
The Design and Optimization of a Crank-Based Leg Mechanism (pdf)
Faculty Advisors: Phil Choi and Dwight Whitaker

Devin Matthews ’11
Quiet Cooling for the OBVA High Resolution Flight Simulator (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Alfred Kwok

Benjamin Pollard ’11
Growing Graphene via Chemical Vapor Deposition (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Alexander Rudy ‘11
Advancing Adaptive Optics for the KAPAO Instrument (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Philip Choi

Joel Shuman ’11
Optimizing and measuring properties of a magneto-optical trap in a dilute rubidium-87 gas (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Dwight Whitaker

Senior Theses (2009)

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Daniel Beeler ’09
Survey of Extended Lyman-_ Emission Near z > 3 Radio-quiet Quasars (pdf)
Faculty Advisors: Bryan E. Penprase and Michael Rauch (OCIW)

Scott Berkley ‘09
The Fabrication and Characterization of Organic Solar Cells (pdf)
Addendum (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Caroline Fernandez ‘09
Designing a Dome-Flat Screen and Projector for the Table Mountain Observatory (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Alma Zook

Kevin Kelley ‘09
Construction of a Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscope to Study Lipid Domain Composition via Raman Spectral Imaging (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Alfred Kwok

Daniel Sedlacek ‘09
Aerogel Synthesis and Application (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

James Wendt ‘09
Computer Generated Holography (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Alma Zook

Alex Zylstra ‘09
Improving atom trapping and evaporative cooling in a Bose-Einstein condensation experiment through laser power stabilization (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Dwight Whitaker

Senior Theses (2008)

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Lua Del Campo ‘08
The Biomechanics of Ballistochory in Impatiens pallid (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Dwight Whitaker

Ian Frank ‘08
Shaping Graphene An Alternative Approach (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Bryant Foresman ‘08
Acoustical Measurement of the Human Vocal Tract: Quantifying Speech & Throat-Singing (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Alma Zook

Gordy Stecklein ‘08
Bridging the Gender Gap in Quantum Physics (pdf)
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Moore

Kristen Petrillo ‘08
A Study of Interacting and Companion Galaxies: Implications for Cosmology
Faculty Advisor(s): Philip Choi & Barry Madore (OCIW)

Erica Nelson ‘08
H I Line Profiles of Galaxies: Tilted Ring Models (pdf)
Faculty Advisor(s): Philip Choi & Barry Madore (OCIW)

Senior Theses (2007)

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Anand Murugan ’07
Fuzzy Blackholes
Faculty Advisor: Vatche Sahakian (HMC)

Rachel Paterno-Mahler ‘07
Determining the AGN Fraction of Galaxy Groups
Faculty Advisor: Philip Choi & John Mulchaey (OCIW)

Ajoy Vase ’07
The Effects of Material Treatments on the Surface Properties of Polymeric Biomaterials
Faculty Advisors: Elizabeth Orwin and David Tanenbaum

C. L. Wainwright ‘07
The Effects of Spin-Orbit Coupling on Gravitational Wave Uncertainties
Faculty Advisor: T. A. Moore

Gordon Whyburn ‘07
A Simple Organic Solar Cell
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Brett T. Close ‘07
Solar Energy Research and Development in California
Faculty Advisors: David Tanenbaum and David Menefee-Libey