Senior Theses (2014)

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Dalton Bolger ’14
KAPAO Prime: Construction, Calibration, and Integration of the Pomona College Facility Adaptive Optics Instrument
Faculty Advisor: Philip Choi

Claire Dickey ’14
The Low-Mass Luminosity Function in Globular Clusters
Faculty Advisor: Philip Choi

Meredith Durbin ’14
The Mid-Infrared RR Lyrae Period-Luminosity Relation
Faculty Advisor: Alma Zook

Zachary Glassman ’14
High Resolution Spectroscopy and Isotope Invariant Analysis of Diatomic Molecules
Faculty Advisor: Richard Mawhorter

Dulcie Head ’14
Modeling Diffusion in Amorphous Thin Film Tantala and Amorphous Thin Film Fused Silica
Faculty Advisor: Alma Zook

Annie Hedlund ’14
High-Mass Stars in NGC 6822: The Ultraviolet as a Tool for Identification
Faculty Advisor: Bryan Penprase

Benjamin Hoober-Burkhardt ’14
The Use of Gamification to Teach the Cosmic Distance Ladder
Faculty Advisor: Bryan Penprase

Mira Howard ’14
The Pianist’s Touch: An Investigation into the Scientific Veracity of the Pianist’s Touch
Faculty Advisor: Alma Zook

Joseph Long ’14
Seeing Clearly with KAPAO: Measuring Performance with Data Analysis Tools for Adaptive Optics
Faculty Advisor: Philip Choi

Charles Owens ’14
An Analysis on the Degradation of Organic Photovoltaic Cells
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Eric Puma ’14
An Overview of CVD Graphene Growth, Characterization, and Transfer
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Emily Yang ’14
Fabrication, Characterization, and Stability of Inverted P3HT:PCBM Organic Photovoltaics
Faculty Advisor: David Tanenbaum

Congratulations Emily Yang! – Fulbright Recipient

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Emily Yang, a physics major and environmental analysis minor, from Arcadia, Calif., will
head to Landau, Germany, to study the interplay between climate change and
greenhouse gas emissions from small rivers and streams, with Dr. Andreas Lorke
of the Environmental Physics Department at the Landau campus of
the University of Koblenz-Landau. Her future plans include the possibility
of graduate school in engineering, physics or earth sciences

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